Why Cyber security is Important

Why Cyber security is Important

Why Cyber Security is important

To Start the article about why cyber security is important Digital security is getting progressively important. Fundamentally, our general public is more mechanically subordinate than any other time in recent memory, and there is no sign that this pattern will back off. Individual information that may prompt the robbery of individual data is published via web-based networking media accounts. Delicate data, for example, government disability numbers, Visa data and financial balance subtleties are presently put away on distributed storage administrations, for example, Dropbox and Google Drive.

The issue, regardless of whether it’s an individual, an independent company, or a worldwide organization, depends on PC frameworks consistently. Joined with cloud administrations, diminished security of cloud administrations, expanded cell phones and the Internet of Things (IoT), there are heap cybersecurity dangers that didn’t exist decades back. Regardless of the more comparable ranges of abilities, we have to comprehend the distinction between digital security and data security.

Governments around the globe are causing more to notice cybercrime. GDPR is a genuine model. We are expanding the effect on notoriety of information breaks by driving all associations working in the EU to:

  • Information penetrate notice
  • Name an information insurance official
  • Client agree required to process data
  • Anonymize information for security

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the procedures, and practices intended to secure systems, gadgets, projects, and information from cyber delinquents. Cybersecurity is additionally called data innovation security. Nowadays, cybersecurity is important in all fields and vertical markets.  Even for SMBs is critical for the continuity of the business or it could mean close it and get in bankrupt

Why Cyber Security is Important: Points


Cyber-attacks are now prevalent that’s why cybersecurity is important; recent reports show hackers every 39 seconds in the US attack a computer! When an attack happens, lots of people affected with attack. State organizations, citizens can not receive any services. State organizations can be closed. the city of Atlanta attacked the widely popular SamSam ransomware. A $51,000 ransom was demanded from the attackers. SamSam’s ransomware was so damaging that Atlanta remained offline for five days. As a result, several primary operations have been closed throughout the city. Ultimately, rehabilitation cost him $17 million.

Cybersecurity and hackers that violate government organizations can occur on a global scale. The NCSC warns businesses and citizens that Russia uses internet infrastructure devices such as routers worldwide. The purpose is to pave the way for upcoming means in future attacks on crucial systems such as power plants and systems.

Such a threat is the likelihood of a nuclear catastrophe attack and the destruction of millions of lives. Stuxnet attacked one of Iran’s nuclear capabilities, a malicious computer worm that destroyed one-fifth of Iran’s nuclear centrifuges.


More Rapidly broadband services.

5 G Network to be developed. “5 G networks create a large-scale, multi-dimensional cybersecurity threat according to the Brookings Institute. A new network “ecosystem ecosystem” requires a cyber-redefined approach to this new type of network. “As the companies merge the leading system of the 21st century, the growing cyber vulnerabilities are often challenging to manage.

Better technology capable of automating the cyberattacks.

The emergence of modern technologies, such as IoT, has caused the number of connected devices to exponentially increase to some 200 billion connected devices by the end of 2020. These connected devices needs to be protected by any outside attack that is why cybersecurity is important. Cyber cars increase their expertise, and hackers can use artificial intelligence to improve automated cyber-security, which can compromise secure networks without human intervention. These automated cybersecurity concerns are global and can be produced in large quantities.

Increased use of cloud computing.

Cybersecurity offerings for the public cloud and as a service accelerated in the first quarter of 2019, according to the new worldwide industry survey from Canalys that is why cybersecurity is important part of the technology now. Both implementation models together grew by 46 percent annually. As cloud use agencies expand, GAO detects cybersecurity risks. Cloud Computing services are being increasingly used by federal agencies, and the use of the Federal Risk Management and Authorisation Program (FedRAMP) is required by the Management and Budget Office (OMB).


In recent years, brand-name businesses have been blamed on hacks and infringements. The data and penalties paid for fines are damaging to millions of dollars. C-level managers will lose their jobs at all of these costs, but also associates will lose their position due to the company ‘s reduction costs that is why cybersecurity is important to learn and practice.

A couple of examples:

  • Over 540million users’ records for Amazon’s cloud computing service were issued by Facebook, a social media giant.
  • In a leak of data that included bank account records, Social Security numbers, wire transfers and mortgage documents, First American corporation had revealed 885 million dollars.
  • UK National Health Service (NHS), a temporary knee-depth attack that led to a fairly straightforward ransomware attack and substantial clean-up costs.


Not only are nations and companies confronted with hackers’ threats, but they also face many risks. Theft identity is a big problem when hackers rob and sell personally identifiable information for profit.

This Threatens the individual and his family’s safety. This often happened, and the victims lost millions of dollars. In other cases, after robbing their identity, hackers use blackmail and extortion, demand lifelong benefits. This is particularly true when celebrities or people with high net worth robbery. It’s true. Hackers attacked home cameras’ devices like the Ring and invaded other people’s privacy. Innovation in technology has brought change in individual’s life and their security so that is why cybersecurity is important at his time


Threats to cybersecurity can introduce new laws to protect consumers against potential attacks. Increased regulations and legislation could, therefore, be implemented shortly. The attackers need to be punished more rigorously. People need to be aware of why cybersecurity is important and also know the laws enacted and ensure conformity with the rules by their businesses.